The Tech Community Coalition Awards were created to honor those members of the Columbus tech community, both organizations and individuals, who have had a “transformational” effect on our community. It is because of their service and commitment that our amazing community exists.

Without further ado, we’d like to acknowledge and celebrate the inaugural winners as announced at the 2020 Columbus Tech Community Holiday Celebration.

Corporate Supporter

The Corporate Supporter Award recognizes a business within our community which has shown, through their consistent support, that they are dedicated to reinvesting in Columbus’ tech community.

The Inaugural TCC Corporate Supporter Award goes to: Improving
Accepting for Improving: Josh Harrison

Community Leader

The Community Leader Award recognizes a member of our community for their role as a community leader and active volunteer. Leaders within our community spend long hours scheduling events, speakers, and content in order to bring us valuable opportunities for connection, personal and professional growth, and celebrations of our achievements. Their dedication, integrity and service to our community is critical to our existence, and serves as an example to us all.

The Inaugural TCC Community Leader Award goes to: Ben Blanquera
Accepting for himself: Ben Blanquera

Community Group

The Community Group Award recognizes an organization that exemplifies what the local tech community can be. By providing training, networking, and community to Columbus’ Technical Professionals, this group’s commitment to the continuing development of our members is part of why Columbus has been ranked No. 1 in the country for the best places to work in technology.

The Inaugural TCC Community Group Award goes to: LOPSA Columbus
Accepting for LOPSA Columbus: Gary White