This is second year of TCC community awards. These awards are granted to acknowledge contributions for work in serving the tech community in different areas. Our main focus is to acknowledge community leaders for (a) contributions and (b) impact of their contributions in promoting our mission.

Here they are, presented in alphabetical order:

Alex Bandar

Contributions from Alex Bandar span multiple areas of the community award. To name a few, he has been an excellent community leader, an innovator, a location provider for community events.

ImpactColumbus Idea Foundary has become a center for innovation and excellence in building a thriving community around it.

Connie Matthews

Connie gets our community to collaborate, participate and engage. She gets us out, online or virtually to give, give back and speak about our passions. Connie Matthews has been a powerhouse in the cybersecurity community ensuring the continual success of the Central Ohio ISSA and the Infosec Summit.

Impact – Without her work, which has been recognized nationally, many of us would be passive and non-participatory within our chapters. She keeps us engaged and motivated to work. The Infosec Summit did not skip a beat including being hosted through the pandemic.

Matt Eland

Matt is instrumental in delivering great talks and sharing insights with community through his videos, blog, meetup and conference talks.

Impact – Matt works at Tech Elevator on full time basis and has been able to deliver quality content to community through his talks, writings and is instrumental in supporting and mentoring entry level developers. He deserves this award.

OLF Conference

OLF Conference didn’t cancel due to the pandemic but hosted virtually and did so well. In 2021, they hosted a hybrid event and went out of their way to create a safe space even during the pandemic.

Impact – OLF Conference is a nearly 20-year-old FOSS conference that has been valued by numerous people and also had international pull.

Pete Gordon

Pete has been instrumental in participation and leadership in a variety of capacities in the tech communicated for years now. Most notably in GDG Columbus, and more generally being a resource to the community

Impact – Pete has helped many via talks, presentations, and community organizing learn to code and approach new concepts.

Rachyl Kershaw

Rachyl Kershaw is the operational brain behind the scenes across numerous non-profit organizations between groups such as Conscious Capitalism, Can’t Stop Columbus, GiveBackHack, and others.

ImpactTCC holiday party being a success virtually as well as ensuring these numerous groups are successful in making a sustainable impact.