On December, 17, 2020, we had our 7th annual Tech Community Holiday Party and inaugural Tech Community Coalition awards. A pandemic can’t even stop us!

This was a 2 hour FREE party, held virtually, for the first time.

A look at the numbers

There were…

  • 116 attendees
  • 22 community groups represented
  • 8 breakout rooms
  • 50-60 simultaneous max attendees
  • 40+ people stayed past 7pm, creating an unofficial virtual afterparty
  • at least 15 people were still enjoying the party 30 min after closing

Thanks to everyone involved in breakout rooms

Group: GDG Columbus (Ohio DevFest)
Contact: Pete Gordon
Title: CyperPunk 2077 GDG Columbus breakout lead by PowerJ

Group: Code Jam Columbus
Contact: Len Jaffe
Title: An evening of kibitzing and trivia

Group: Columbus Web Group
Contact: Kevin Mack
Title: Ghosts of CWG Past

Group: Together Digital
Contact: Julianna Kuetemeyer
Title: BINGO with Together Digital’s founder, Alaina Shearer

Group: Can’t Stop Columbus
Contact: Nate Beckman
Title: Eccentric Holiday Music Party with Can’t Stop Columbus

Group: Startup Grind Columbus
Contact: Lucas La Tour
Title: Founder Networking hosted by Startup Grind Columbus

Group: Westerville Web
Contact: Justin Foley
Title: Intermission hosted by Westerville Web

Group: GiveBackHack
Contact: Rachyl Kershaw (with Room Host Clayton Nelson)
Title: Graffiti Wall & GIF Contest Hosted by GIveBackHack

Congratulations to our inaugural award winners

These are the folks who continued to make an impact through the pandemic when it would have been easier to give up. We appreciate them and all they do.

Corporate Supporter Award: Improving
Community Leader: Ben Blanquera
Community Group: LOPSA Columbus

Learn more about the 2020 Tech Community Coalition Awards.

Thank you to all organizers and attendees

We couldn’t do this without you, so thank you for all you do for this community.